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Dungeon Colony

Alpha 0.2.8.x
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Dungeon Colony is undergoing changes. Some features of the website and the game are turned off until further notice. You Need an online account to play the game. Registering new accounts is currently not possible but existing accounts are active [2017-11-02]. If you already have an account you can continue to play the game.

Download Game Launcher
(Zip): Dungeon
(Windows EXE) win Dungeon Colony.exe (32bit)

You need Java to run the game.
The Game Launcher will always keep your game files up-to-date by automatically downloading the latest built from the servers. For more information, read the instructions below.

Before Downloading, Installing and Playing the game, please agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Having trouble ? Please contact us and we'll try to resolve any issues you have with our product or services.

Dungeon Colony Version 0.2.8.x
PLEASE READ: - Installation, Requirements and De-Installation:
  • You will need to have Java installed to play the game. Installing the game using the installer file provided on this website will also install game related files to your computer's user directory. These files are downloaded during the installation process in order to obtain the latest version release. Each time you run the installer file, the program checks to find new releases and then starts the game. These include game files necessary to run the game including art and media files.
  • Your need a graphic card that supports OpenGL. To find out if you can run the game, download the game launcher above and start the game from the launcher. If you see can see the login screen, you should be good to go.
  • After downloading, double click the 'jar' file to run the launcher.
  • You need an internet connection to play the game, get the latest releases and use the cloud game-save feature.
  • For more information about system requirements visit the About page.
  • If you wish to uninstall the game, simply delete the installer file (Dungeon Colony.jar) and also delete the installation folder including all files and subfolder which are located based on your Operating System in one of the following directories:
    • Windows: ../YourUserHome/AppData/Roaming/DungeonColony/
    • OSx: ../YourUserHome/Library/Application Support/DungeonColony/
    • Linux: ../YourUserHome/DungeonColony
    Besides storing game related files to the above named directory, this program does not make any other changes to your computer. Be sure to also read the Pricacy Policy located in the Terms and Conditions.